Chofu HS History

Opened: 1963
Closed: 1974

This school was located in Tokyo in the Kanto Mura Housing Annex. The school mascot was the Viking. The yearbook was Hosho which means treasure place in Japanese. The school newspaper was called The Norseman until 1969 when the name was changed to Valhalla. The newspaper was originally published monthly and then bi-weekly.

The first yearbook described the school as, it was “Like Grant Wood’s famous painting, ‘Adolescence,’ our new school is a bit bare and plucked looking, but we, the first four hundred students, have been planting seeds, shrubs, and traditions all year, new growth that will blossom in the coming seasons. Even in its bareness of setting, we have learned to love the stark contrasts of dawn and dusk against the masonry, the sudden views of snow-capped Mt. Fuji from the breezeway between the main and academic wings, and the spacious aspects of the corridors. Our School, Chofu High School, we salute you in your growing pains, so akin to ours.”

The school closed in 1974.

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