Bahrain ES History

Opened: 2011

Bahrain Elementary School is located on Bahrain, a small but very important island nation in the Arabian Gulf. Over the past two decades the country has evolved from a bustling gulf state to an international banking and business center. The school began in Awali, Bahrain, in August 1968, as the Bahrain American Elementary School. The Department of Defense School staff included one teaching principal and three teachers. There were forty students in grades one through eight. By 1970, the school began accepting English-speaking Bahraini students and other non–Department of Defense sponsored students. With the addition of these students, the school grew rapidly until, by January 1972, the enrollment was approximately 200 elementary and correspondence course secondary students. In January 1972, in expectation of even further expansion, the school moved from Awali to its current twenty-four-acre campus in Juffair. At the end of the 2010-2011 school year, what was by now the Bahrain School was divided into Bahrain Elementary School and Bahrain Middle/High School.

Bahrain Elementary follows a United States curriculum, with all classes taught in English. The school has a highly diverse, international student body. The Community School Complex is sponsored in part by the Bahrain International School Association.

The parents of Bahrain School students have originated from over forty nations, are well educated, and hold positions of high responsibility in local, American, and international firms, government, and organizations.

Bahrain Elementary meets College and Career Ready Standards and evaluates student achievement using The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers testing. In addition, Bahrain Elementary offers a range of special programs and enrichment courses.


Information from official DoD website and school yearbooks

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