Bahrain MS/HS History

Opened: 2011

Bahrain Elementary/High School was separated into the Bahrain Elementary School and Bahrain Middle/High School for the 2011-12 school year. Both schools are located in the same complex. (See the Bahrain Elementary/High School history for early details about the school.)

Bahrain Middles/High School has an American Curriculum for grades six through twelve, the opportunity to take Advanced Placement classes, and the International Baccalaureate program for academically oriented students in grades eleven and twelve. Integrated into all of this is a full Arabic as a First Language program for students with an Arabic passport.

Special programs for students include art, music, physical education, English as a Second Language, and enrichment programs. The Career Education program includes courses in video production, web design, coding, business enterprise, computer applications, and AP Computer Science. At least one major drama or musical production is presented each year. The school facilities include volleyball courts, soccer and softball fields, a swimming pool, four tennis courts, an athletic track, and two purpose-built sports halls.

The Bahrain Middle/High School has several organizations that assist the leadership of the school and coordinate the school’s operations. These include the Parent Teacher Student Association, the School Advisory Board, and the Bahrain International School Association (BISA). BISA was officially formed under the laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain on February 2, 1978, and assumed the responsibility for the Bahrain International School and its operations. Previously, the Bahrain School Trust had the responsibility for the joint coordination of the school with DoDDS. The objectives of BISA are educational and charitable.

The first principal for Bahrain Middle/High School was Doug McEnery, with Dr. Eldridge Groomes as the assistant principal. Other principals for the school included Dr. Stephanie El Sayed, Dr. Terry Greene, and Shana Seawright. Other assistant principals include Shenae Wiley, Angelo Barcinas, and Benadine Camuso.

In 2013 there were approximately 425 students enrolled in the school, with almost 70% in grades ten through twelve. Fifty-seven percent of the students were American citizens, with the remaining forty-three percent representing almost seventy countries. Bahrain Middle/High School had forty-three teachers, seven supporting professionals, and seven support staff.

During the 2000s, the student enrollment went from about 450 students to about 380 students. On February 26, 2020, the school was closed due to the pandemic and reopened for the 2020-21 school year.

Many students who attend the Bahrain school are five- or seven-day dorm students. According to the 2014 yearbook:

Bahrain Dormitroy is a home away from home for students whose parents live and work in Saudi Arabia. The dormitory is located on the school campus. BISA Dormitory provides daily activities such as go karting, mall trips, cinema trips and even surfing lessons. It also provides accommodation for grades 8-12 for both boys and girls. Living in the dormitory with students gives you a communal feeling as well as friendships which will last a lifetime. The house parents and other staff are 100% committed to helping the students with the transition of moving away from home and also with school. BISA helps you gain and strengthen your independence which prepares you for university in the future.

Several firsts for the school happened during the 2011-12 school year:

  • The school had its first official baseball team that competed against base teams.
  • The first chapter of Future Educators was established. They attended their first conference in Garmish, Germany, in the SNOW!
  • Students attended their first STEM Symposium in Germany and the Jr. Science and Humanities Symposium in England.
  • The middle school started a Student 2 Student program.
  • The school also had a commercial created by students play during the Super Bowl on AFN.

In 2013-14 International Baccalaureate students took part in an archaeological dig with Dr. Steffen Torplausen and his Danish Archaeological team from the Moesgaard Museaum in Denmark. The students helped to excavate the burial mounts at Aali for six days.

During the 2014-15 school year Bahrain students participated in the DoDEA Virtual School program so they could participate in courses not available at their school.

The enrollment for the 2022-23 school year was 310 students in grades six through twelve. The school is currently open.

Information from DoDDS website and school yearbooks

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