Addis Ababa American School History

Opened: 1959
Closed: 1965

Addis Ababa American School was a 1–12 school that was established in 1959. Originally, there was classroom instruction for grades 1–9, and tenth through twelve graders took correspondence courses. The school colors were red and white.

For the 1962-63 school year, the principal was Alexandro Lairo, who was also a full-time teacher. His wife supervised the correspondence courses for high school students. Mrs. Hargraves taught French to all students. There were two seniors, eight juniors, and thirteen sophomores. The school had a basketball team.

Mr. Ted Gehrman was the principal for the 1963-64 school year. There were ten faculty members. The elementary grades included a first grade with twenty-three students, a second grade of thirteen students, a third grade with sixteen students, a fourth grade of eleven students, a fourth/fifth combination class with thirty students, and a sixth grade with twenty-two students. The seventh grade and eighth grade each had fourteen students. The high school had ten freshman, nine sophomores, seven juniors, and four seniors. During the year, an additional thirty-one students were enrolled. The activities for the 1963-64 school year included student council, drama club, the school newspaper, Tinish Times, yearbook, and the Lettermen’s Club. Sports for the year included touch football, cheerleaders, track, varsity and junior varsity basketball, and volleyball. All sports were for boys. Some sports were intramural, and some played other schools in the city or on the base.

In 1964, high school students were dormitory students at the newly opened dorm at Ankara High School in Ankara, Turkey. The school was part of the European District IV which included Turkey, Greece, and Ethiopia. When it was open, the school was the farthest-south school in the European Area. The school closed in 1965 and later became an international school.

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