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AOSHS’s virtual museum allows for overseas school memorabilia such as yearbooks, trophies, letter jackets, class pictures, time capsules, school flags, and mascots to live on. Without the online preservation of these educational artifacts, school legacies would die off in a world continuously growing and evolving in all things online. AOSHS must now digitize past overseas school memorabilia to keep legacies alive.

AOSHS’s online museum allows the convenience for all past overseas alumni, BRATs, and educators throughout the world the ability to search for overseas schools, relive their own legacy, and experience it again with the click of a button. Explore our virtual museum filled with school memorabilia such as old school photos, school records, trophies, awards, news clippings, pennants, class rings, written and videotaped histories, and even a suit of armor that was a school mascot. Relive the experience of American overseas school history with us through these “virtual time capsules”!

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