Toul-Rosières American Family School History

Opened: 1954
Closed: 1966

According to the 1957 Vapor Trails combined yearbook, “The history of the Toul-Rosières American Family School is one of growth—growth in all directions and in all areas—physical, academic and extracurricular.”

In the 1954-55 school year the physical unit of the school consisted of poorly equipped hutments with wood stoves as the sole source of heat. The next year the school was in a barracks located near the flightline. For the 1956-57 school year the school was moved to a barracks that wasn’t adjacent to the flightline. For a week before school started, base personnel and teachers worked frantically to transfer furniture and materials to the new location. On September 6, 1956, the 480 pupils enrolled in grades one through six and the ninety students in grades seven through nine attended school in the new location. The school administrators for the junior high were Mr. Edwin Pillep, principal, and Miss Emily Haught, assistant principal, and there were four teachers for the junior high students.

The enrollment continued to grow throughout the year and progress was made despite the complete absence of a lunchroom, auditorium, library or gymnasium. The yearbook mentioned how the students felt they were lucky to be in Toul-Rosières regardless of the difficulties and challenges.

Extracurricular activities for the school included boys’ soccer, Junior Red Cross and chorus.

The school yearbook was Le Toulois.

The school was closed in 1966 when the American forces left France.


Information from the 1957 Vapor Trails combined yearbook

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